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Resides in Pune or surrounding in Maharashtra… and looking for best hip replacement surgery in Pune…?? Dr. Aashish Arbat (MBBS, MS , MCh , RCS) is indubitably the best option for you… Read the blog thoroughly to know… how and why…!!

Dr. Aashish Arbat… is the best orthopedic surgeon in Pune, Maharashtra, India. This is the reason… he is the best to perform the procedure with efficiency. Under Dr. Arbat… the diagnosis and treatment of the hip issues are precise and is done according to the patient’s requirements.

What’s more…

Dr. Arbat provide best in-class facilities… offering promising services till the time… treatment get completed. Best efforts are done to reduce waiting time and assure speedy recovery.

This was a quick glimpse on Dr. Arbat’s hip replacement surgery fine procedure…

Before digging further into detail… its important to facilities you guys with quick look on what total hip replacement surgery is actually… what are its types, its  recovery time and things associated with it…

So, moving on…

What is Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip Replacement (AKA Hip Arthroplasty) is a procedure in which damage sections of the hip joint is removed and is replaced with parts… mostly constructed of metal, ceramic and highly hard plastic.

This artificial joint (prosthesis) helps decrease pain and enhances function.

This hip replacement surgery is generally done when problem occurs with daily routine activities and non-surgical methods do not help out or are no longer effective.

Arthritis damage is one of the most common reasons liable behind the requirement of hip replacement surgery. Other reasons, we will be briefing in detail below…

Common Causes of Hip Pain

Here you will be learning… why requirement of hip replacement surgery emerges…

Well the most prominent reason… why one go for hip replacement surgery… is obviously the hip pain. Now the most common cause liable behind chronic hip pain and disabilities associated with hip is arthritis.

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and traumatic arthritis are the most common forms of this disease…


It’s a typical age-related wear and tear type of arthritis… that usually occur in people of 50 years age and older. This  arthritis is mostly runs in family… So, sort of genetic disorder.

In this arthritis… the cartilage cushioning the hip bones wears away. Further, the bones rub against each other, leading to hip pain and stiffness.

Moreover, osteoarthritis also get accelerated by subtle irregularities in how the hip developed in childhood.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Its an autoimmune disease in which the synovial membrane get inflamed and thickened. This inflammation damages the cartilage, resulting in pain and stiffness.

Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common disorders group… termed as inflammatory arthritis.

Posttraumatic Arthritis

It’s a serious hip injury or fracture. In this, the cartilage get damaged, leading to hip pain and stiffness over time.


Its basically an injury to the hip… say; dislocation or fracture, limiting blood supply to the femoral head. It is also termed as avascular necrosis. The decrement is blood level leads the bone surface to collapse… resulting in arthritis.

Further, some diseases also lead to osteonecrosis.

Childhood Hip Disease

Some infants and children are born with hip problems.

Now though these problems get solved via successful treatment during childhood… however, they often still cause arthritis later in life. This mainly happens… due to abnormal growth of hip… This actually affects the joint surfaces.

Is Hip Replacement Surgery For You?

The decision of having hip replacement surgery should be a cooperative one… made by you, your family, your primary care doctor, and your respective orthopedic surgeon.

The process of making this decision usually starts with doctor’s reference to an orthopedic surgeon for an initial evaluation.

When Hip Surgery is Recommended?

There are numerous causes liable behind why and when doctor recommends hip surgery.

People with below mentioned difficulties need to undergo Hip Replacement surgery…

  • Hip Pain limited everyday activities like bending or walking
  • Continuation in hip pain while resting… either day or night.
  • Stiffness in hip… limiting the ability to move or lift the leg.
  • Quick pain relief from anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy or walking supports.

Risks Associated with Hip Replacement Surgery

Below find dangerous consequences one might face after hip replacement surgery…

  • Blood Clots
  • Fracture
  • Change in leg length
  • Loosening
  • Dislocation
  • Infection
  • Nerve Damage

So, this was all about hip replacement surgery… why  and when its needed… its often consequences, who should go for it and who should not…

Now its time for you to know about the best surgeon who can do the best with hip replacement surgery…. Dr. Aashish Arbat…


As mentioned above, finest orthopedic surgeon in western India, Dr. Aashish Arbat is indubitably the best… when it comes to best hip replacement surgery in Pune, Maharashtra.

Dr. Aashish Arbat – Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Pune, Maharashtra

Being an internationally acclaimed joint replacement surgeon… Dr. Aashish Arbat is the best to go for hip replacement surgery in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Dr. Arbat’s Education

  • Mch Orthopedics. (2007) Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK
  • S. (Orth) (2005) K.E.M, University of Mumbai, India. (Third place in the university)
  • B.B.S., Hons. (2000) University of Mumbai, India.

International Fellowship

  • Princeton University NJ USA (2010) Under Dr. Jeff Abrams (Shoulder Surgeon)
  • Shoulder and Elbow Arthroscopy Under Dr. H. Sugaya, Fellowship (2007 – 2008) at FUNABASHI SPORTS MEDICINE CENTRE, TOKYO JAPAN
  • U.H, Singapore, (2005) Under Dr. K. C. Ang, DEPT OF SPORTS MEDICINE.

Hip Surgeries Performed By Dr. Aashish Arbat (Best For Hip Replacement Surgery in Pune, Maharashtra)

Below find hip replacement surgeries performed by Dr. Arbat (best joint replacement surgeon in Pune)

Hip Arthroplasty

Hip Arthroplasty (AKA Total Hip Replacement) is a surgical process done to replace the articular part of the hip joint with an artificial joint. With this procedure… the aim is to take away pain, restore function, improve lives’ quality and preserve anatomy.

Hip Arthroscopy

Its an excellent minimally invasive surgical procedure that enables via visualization of the hip joint for diagnosing and addressing several pathology inside and outside the hip joint.

Hip Dysplasia

It’s a congenital or developmental deformation misalignment of the hip joint.

Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

In this hip surgery… the surgery is not require to cut muscles  to access the hip. And this is how this minimally invasive hip surgery is different from traditional hip replacement surgery.

Hip Revision Arthroplasty

Sometimes after hip replacement surgery… patient do require one or more revisions of a hip replacement… This mainly happens in case  when initial hip replacement surgery is performed at young age and the patient chooses to have a highly active physical lifestyle.


A tumour is basically a lump or mass of tissue formed when cells divide uncontrollably. A tumour replaces healthy tissue with abnormal tissue and weaken bones… causing it to break or fracture.

So, this was all hip replacement surgeries performed by Dr. Aashish Arbat (Top Hip Replacement Doctor in Pune, Maharashtra, India).

Here… finally the blog ends up.

Hopefully you, enjoyed reading the blog and now much clear on where to go for finest hip surgery is Pune, Maharashtra.