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Roboalign - Advanced Technology We Use

Best Joint Replacement Doctor in Pune

ROBOALIGN is a Revolutionary Technology which integrates 3D technology & Artificial Intelligence to make JOINT replacement more personalized. RoboAlign is a pathbreaking technology that uses 3D capabilities to develop 3D bone models to offer unmatched perfection, precision and ease in implant selection well before surgery.

  • A complete 3D solution, highly accurate TKR surgery process which overcomes the problems faced by conventional and modern TKR surgeries
  • RoboAlign allows 3D planning for customizing the best fit implant design, size and position for the individual patient
  • Flexibility in selecting implants specific to the individual patients
  • The accuracy of the system combined with its cost and time-saving process leads to higher patient satisfaction
  • A perfect fit ensures that the patient won’t have to deal with commonly associated problems that come up after conventional total knee replacement – persistent pain after a few years and issues with function and motion

PHYGITAL Experience

Best Joint Replacement Doctor in Pune
  • Using Knowledge of Digital into Physical
  • Perfect Planning with CT Scans & Radio Imaging for Perfect Fit
  • Stitchless & Pinless Surgery
  • No general anesthesia required
  • Improved position accuracy and fit of the new implant
  • Reduction of complications
  • Reduction of bone sacrificed to fit the new implant
  • Reduction of cumulative exposure to x-ray radiation
  • Shorter hospital and recovery times
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