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After having a hip replacement surgery, its obvious and common to expect a lifestyle similar to  the one… before surgery… without the pain.

And one get it also. However, its needs time.


Returning to the daily normal activities take sometime.

Nonetheless, being an active participant in the healing procedure helps patient getting there sooner and so assure a more successful outcome.

Now one thing is there which needs to be considered…

Though the patient will be able to resume to most of the activities… However, he/she may need to change the way they are done before.

OK… so this was about clearing one thing… that the patient needs to be cautious after hip replacement surgery… in order to get the most out of it and to get recovered soon.

So, there are some precautions actually which one needs to take after having hip replacement operation to stay well… Below find list of all those precautions…

What Not To Do After Hip Replacement Surgery

Do Not Bend At the Waist More Than 90 Degrees

Activities requiring bending at the waist more than 90 degrees include… sitting in a low chair, tying shoes, or any other similar activities. These activities actually increases the chances of dislocating the new hip…. which is a scene that often happens after hip  replacement surgery.

Don’t Resist Getting Up & Moving Around

Do not stop  getting up and moving around, even onto instructed by your surgeon or physical therapist… in the days immediately after your surgery. As resisting yourself from these activities leads to blood clots, hence… discouraging the healing process.

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Do Not Cross Your Legs

Usually after hip replacement surgery, legs crossing is restricted for few days. And you should definitely follow this, if encountered a hip replacement surgery… As this can result in dislocation of the hip joint.

Do Not Lift Your Knees Up Past Your Hips

As bending over too far at the waist dislocate the hip from its socket… similarly, lifting knee in a way that raises them higher than your hip also leads to hip dislocation from its socket.

Do Not Rotate Your Feet Too Far Inward or Outward

After few weeks after your hip replacement surgery, you should try to keep your respective toes and feet pointing in the same direction, along with your hips as well. This is crucial, even at the time of standing, sitting, walking, or lying down.

Don’t Twist or Pivot at the Hip

After hip replacement surgery, it is advised to keep your chest and hips pointing in the same direction, as much as possible.

Don’t Drive Until Being Cleared On it By Your Doctor

Driving after hip replacement surgery is completely different scene for distinct people.

Some patient get able to drive within a couple of weeks after surgery…. However, some need more time to heal and drive safely.

But, in either of the case, before start driving again… its important to consult your orthopaedic doctor once and let them clear on… whether you’re safe on the road and doing so will not disrupt your healing procedure.

Here ends up: What Not To Do After Hip Replacement Surgery. Now have a quick look at tips on home care after hip replacement surgery…

Home Care After Hip Replacement Surgery

For the best outcome from hip replacement surgery…. Only successful surgery is not enough.

One need to ensure that the homecoming and the recovery go as smoothly as possible.

So, here below find some tips on how to do home care after hip replacement surgery…

  • Make use of dressing aids and accessorize your walker
  • Line up a caregiver before your respective surgery
  • Make arrangement for a pet and child-free home
  • Streamline your kitchen… means ensure that the dishes and cleaners you use are in cupboards or on countertops at heights between your waist and shoulder for the easy access.
  • Clear all the paths and sidewalks outside your home… to ensure that your delivery is unobstructed.

OK… so that’s all about home care tips after hip replacement surgery…

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Now some commonly asked questions associated to topic: What Not To Do After Hip Replacement Surgery are discussed here below… Kindly have a look:


How Long Does It Take To Walk Normally After Hip Surgery?

Probably, after 3 to 6 weeks, patient can start walking without a walker or crutches, after the respective hip replacement surgery.

How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Tie My Shoes?

Since, usually it takes 6-8 weeks for the tissues to heal… the surgeon advises the patient not to bend during this healing process. Means, it could take up to 8 weeks before one could attempt to tie his/her shoes.

What Are The Positions To Avoid After Hip Replacement?

  • Do not bend too far forward from your waist or pull your leg up past your waist.
  • Do not bend over, raise your legs, or cross your legs, while dressing.
  • While undressing, remove clothes from your surgery side last.
  • Keep your feet and knees pointed straight ahead… not turned in or out.
  • Do not sit on too low chairs. Remember, your hips should be higher than your knees, while sitting. Sit on the pillow, if required.
  • Do not cross your legs or ankles, while sitting, standing or lying down.

When Can I Sit On A Normal Chair After Hip Replacement?

For the first 6 weeks, it is advised to sit in a straight back chair. It is suggested to avoid low sofas, recliners, or zero-gravity chairs. Doctors or surgeons suggest to keep hips and knees at 90 degrees (means knees below hips).

Hip Replacement Recovery Time 70 Year-Old

According to Doctors,

There is no age cutoff for joint replacement.

So, alike others, 70 years people also usually takes 10 to 12 weeks of time… to return to normal activities. However, the full recovery takes upto 6 to 12 months.

Recovery Rate 2 Weeks After Hip Replacement Surgery

2 weeks after hip replacement surgery, patient might be able to stand at the kitchen counter, without the walking aid or crutch. However, it is always advised to take advise from your surgeon or physical therapist.

Turning Over in Bed After Hip Replacement

Question is very common… how to turn in bed or what should be the sleeping position of patient after hip replacement…

The best position for patient’s hip is to lie on his/her back with pillow between legs. This assure body is not twisted during sleep, which can put patient at risk of new hip popping out of its socket.

So, here finally ends up questions answers associated with topic: What Not To Do After Hip Replacement Surgery

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