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Hip replacement surgery involves replacing your hip joint with an artificial one by removing damaged bone. A hip replacement operation is intended to alleviate pain and improve hip function. Orthopedic surgeons replace damaged hip joints with artificial parts during hip replacement surgery.

Standing at the kitchen counter without a walking aid might be possible and you will be able to move around 2 weeks after hip replacement surgery. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s or therapist’s advice.

What to Expect the First Week After Hip Replacement Surgery?

Basically, in the first week after the surgery, you will gain little movement and you will require less pain medication. Most people recover from hip replacement within two to four weeks, but it can vary based on individual circumstances. People always ask what is normal pain after hip replacement surgery, and the best reply to this is that one may feel some discomfort sometimes.

Lifetime Precautions After Hip Replacement

Precautions are a must when you are having hip replacement surgery. People always wonder what to expect after hip replacement surgery. One can expect some cure and some complications as well.

  • Do not turn in or out your feet or knees. Keep them straightforward.
  • While sitting, standing, or lying down, don’t cross your legs or ankles.
  • To maintain your hip in the correct position, you may need to use a special pillow or splint.
  • Exercising after a hip replacement helps restore range of motion but do not do any harsh and forceful activities.
  • You can elevate your toilet seat when you are using the bathroom so that your knees are lower than your hips.

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How Long Does it Take to Walk Normally After Hip Surgery?

As soon as you can move lightly, your recovery program should include healthy exercise. Within one or two days of surgery, most hip replacement patients will be able to walk. Within 3 to 6 weeks after a total hip replacement, most patients can resume their normal routine activities and walk without a walker or any support. The total hip replacement recovery week by week is the crucial part.

It is common for people to feel some pain during the first year, but some patients may continue to feel some pain after that.

Here is What to Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery

Most people are doing well three months after undergoing a hip replacement, but recovery varies from person to person. With the new hip joint, hip pain can be reduced, and mobility can be increased. Now the question of what to expect after hip replacement surgery is answered.

Home Care After Hip Replacement Surgery

Exercise and medication plans prescribed by your doctor and patience are necessary for a successful recovery. The hip replacement recovery time 70 year-old is around 10 to 12 weeks but can take up to 6 to 12 months. Here are some tips for home care:-

  • Personal care and hygiene — Until your incision heals, you must keep it clean and dry. As you heal your incision, you will find it more difficult to maintain your hygiene.
  • Go to physical therapy — With prescribed exercises, you can gradually regain your independence through physical therapy. If you require rehab to recover safely, your doctor may recommend a specific program. You can find hip replacement surgery in Pune by the best doctor and he/she will provide you with more details also.


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