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Confused on whether you need a hip replacement or not…?? Go through this blog… as it will guide you properly on the time when you need a hip replacement…

Before reaching onto when you need a hip replacement…We think its bit crucial to discuss few things about hip replacement… like… what is it actually? What are the situations which demands hip replacements…? And other associated topics…

So, moving on…

What is Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement is nothing like a very big deal… it’s actually a common orthopaedic surgery… in which the damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial one… known as implant.

Also known as hip arthroplasty or total hip replacement…. Hip replacement surgery is often an option when hip pain interferes with daily activities and yes non-surgical treatments are just not helping out getting relieve from this hip pain.

Arthritis damage is the most prominent reason, emerging the requirement of hip replacement.

So, this was a brief discussion about… what is hip replacement…

Now, let’s have a quick glance on signs indicating the requirement of hip replacement surgery…

Signs You Need A Hip Replacement (When You Need A Hip Replacement)

Pain During Activity

Hip pain tightening activity and lessens with rest

Delayed Hip Pain

Pain emerging after activity and lasting for a few days

Pain Interrupting Sleep

Hip pain not letting you sleep

Bone Arthritis

Hip X-Rays showing bone touching bone in hip joint

Stiffness in Hip Joint

Problem in putting on shoes or sock. Trouble while sitting for long periods of time or problem in getting in and out of chairs

Lifestyle Limitations

When you find yourself not comfortable in your favorite activities… like playing with your grandchildren, gardening or going to the movies because of hip pain… It’s a clear indication that you need hip replacement surgery.

These are the signs clearly indicating… you do need a hip replacement surgery.

Now, doctors usually try not to go for this hip replacement surgery for as long as possible… with non-surgical options say: weight loss, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, steroid injections, Platelet-Rich plasma (PRP) injections or orthobiologic therapies.

Nonetheless, if you feel depressed or frustrated, as you are not as mobile as use to be, this is the time you are suggested not to worry. And instead consult your orthopaedician as soon as possible. And yes… this is the time… your doctor may suggest you hip surgery.

Experts Say,

Hip replacement surgery can enhance your life quality on large extent… Recover your mobility and relieve you from your respective pain. However, the decision is completely up to the patient.

It is always advised … not to hold your hip pain back for long time… Consult an orthopaedic doctor about the benefits  and risks associated with hip surgery.


Hip Replacement Recovery Time

Every individual body reacts different to hip replacement recovery. However, mostly one gets return to light activities or office-based work within around 6 weeks.

Nonetheless, often it takes a few more weeks, in case if the job is about heavy weightlifting and all.

Moreover, its advised… to avoid extreme movements or sports, comprising risk of falling… say, riding or skiing.

Besides from all this, fact you need to know is…

Full hip replacement recovery takes 6 to 12 months… Nonetheless, replacements lasts 20 years.

Average Age For Hip Replacement

Talking generally… there is nothing like the appropriate age to go through hip replacement surgery.

What matter the most is the patient’s health and fitness before the surgery.

These are the factors which determine the patient’s ability to recover from the surgery and enjoy its benefits.

Often it happens like… A 55 years old overweight person doesn’t qualify for surgery… However, a fit, active 85 year old may.

Studies reveals that,

Older people generally require hip surgery because of a lifetime of wear and tear on their respective joints.

The older the person is… the high the chances are of surgical complications.

However, going through one surgery has been referred better than going through two.

When Is It Too Late To Get A Hip Replacement

The time of the hip replacement operation has been referred to as highly crucial… in relieving pain and obtaining successful results.

So, delaying in hip surgery is actually highly dangerous…

The most prominent risk associated with delaying hip surgery is degradation of joint tissue and progression of disease like… osteoarthritis… which usually grind the joint.

Under these conditions, the joint is deformed, and the success rate of implant surgeries is decreased.

As per doctors,

This sort of situation is more common in young people.

As at a certain time frame, which is the early stages of the development of arthritis, there is high possibility of joint reconstruction with hip resurfacing.

However, in the case of being delayed… patient may loose this option.

Potential risks associated with delaying hip surgery are  not limited up to this only. There are numerous other also.

So, it is advised never to delay in hip surgery.

This is also answer to the question: what happens if you need a hip replacement and don’t get one.

Lifetime Precautions After Hip Replacement

It is said that,

If you will respect your hip replacement… it will in return treat you well…

So, here have mentioned some of the lifetime precautions one must be taking after having hip replacement surgery…

  • Do not resist getting up and moving around
  • Do not lift up your knees up, past your hips
  • Don’t twist or pivot at the hip
  • Do not cross your legs
  • Do not rush the healing process
  • Don’t drive until get the doctor’s clearance
  • Do not rotate your feet too much far inward or outward

What Does A Hip Look Like That Needs To Be Replaced

Usually hips look swelled up, when they actually need surgery.

Along with this look, you will find it difficult in daily activities like: walking, sit down, climbing stairs, bending over.

So, overall… you will find your hip hurting while moving.

Where Do You Feel Pain If You Need A Hip Replacement

Generally, whenever hip replacement is required…. Pain is felt between hip and knee.

Nonetheless, if the pain is lower down, towards the ankle… chances are high that the problem is persisting because of the back problems.

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