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DR. AASHISH ARBAT has created a legacy as the most illustrious best ROBOTIC joint replacement surgeon as he is  practicing ROBOTIC Joint Replacements for 11+ years and successfully completed 5000+ ROBOTIC surgeries. 

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Advanced Technologies

Dr Arbat is an Expert in using Advanced Technologies for Joint replacement, Arthroscopy, Joint Conservation. He is part of research & development of new made in India ROBO with HOLOLENS-2 for better outcomes in Orthopaedic surgeries which uses AI for improved assistance to the surgeon.

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Integrative & Holistic Patient care

We focus on improving outcomes for patiets with our Holistic approach. Our Team has Experts in the field of Surgical, Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Fitness, Counseling.

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Academic Journey

My Commitment towards my patients…

“I believe in technological advancements & innovations which help cure the patients with less pain & in lesser time frame. I will keep updating myself with new skills & techniques required so that the community benefits.”

Dr. Aashish Arbat

 Dr. Aashish Arbat is a Internationally Acclaimed renowned Orthopedic Doctor in   Pune, Thane & Maharashtra. He has been a practising Orthopedic Surgeon for  the last 22 years. He is a M.Ch – Orthopaedics, FRCS . You can consult Dr. Aashish Arbat at Oyster and Pearl Hospital, Jehangir Hospital, Pune,  Poona Hospital, and on TRUWELLTH Online Consult.

First Time in India

ROBO with HOLOLENS-2 for Joint Replacement Surgery

After successful use of ROBOTICS for 11+ years Dr. Aashish Arbat and Team brings the Version-3.0 of Orthopaedic ROBOTICS with New, First Time in India, Made in India ROBO with HOLOLENS-2. 


A Revolutionary Technology which integrates 3D Imaging technology & Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality & virtual reality together with the help of Microsoft HOLOLENS-2 to make JOINT replacement more personalized.


  • Highly accurate surgery process which overcomes the problems faced by conventional and modern TKR surgeries. Usage of Roboalign makes Dr. Arbat the best total knee replacement doctor in Pune.
  • All cameras, sensors, display panel & controls in one headset-Hololens
  • Personalised Alignment & Personalised Implant selection
  • With his experience and successfulsurgeries, Dr. Arbat is the best hip replacement doctor in Pune
ROBO with HOLOLENS-2 for Joint Replacement Surgery

Know more about ROBOALIGN Hololens

Benefits of ROBOALIGN Hololens


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  • Stitchless & Painless Surgery
  • No general anesthesia required
  • No footprint in OT
  • No additional disposables required, reduces cost
  • Controlled by a Surgeon
  • Accuracy: very precise planning by a surgeon
  • Improved position accuracy and fit of the new implant
  • Reduction of complications
  • Reduction of bone sacrificed to fit the new implant
  • Reduction of cumulative exposure to x-ray radiation
  • Shortened hospital stay and operating time
  • More accurate placement of the implant,
  • Shorter hospital and recovery

Launch of ROBOALIGN with HOLOLENS in presence of famous movie maker-Director, Actor Shri. Nagraj Manjule and Dr Amita Phadnis and Dr Arbat Team

Treatments We Offer


Robotic Surgery

3D Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery with Advanced ROBOTIC Technology for Precision, Accuracy & Faster Recovery.

Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

Knee Joint Replacement with ROBOALIGN Technology for Precise, Accurate Angle of Alignment.

hip replacement

Hip Replacement

Advanced HIP Procedures including Robotic Joint Replacement, AVN for Successful Outcomes

Hip Replacement

Shoulder Arthroscopy

In this, a tiny camera called an arthroscope is used to examine & repair the tissues in shoulder joint.

Knee Replacement

Trauma Surgery

Its a surgical specialty using both operative & non-operative methodology to treat traumatic injuries.

ROBO with HOLOLENS-2 for Joint Replacement Surgery

Sports Medicine

Sports injuries are treated & reconstructive surgeries are done for sports people.

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Why Patients Choose Us?

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Patient Care with Compassion

Being best joint replacement surgeon in Thane, we've specialized team deliver individualized, quality care to each patient with the goal of returning them back to work safely and quickly. We have a dedicated department that coordinates all care.

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Holistic 360 Approach

Our Center provides patients with a holistic treatment which includes Pre surgery preparations, Surgical care, Post Surgery Care by the Physiotherapist, Radiology Expert, Nutrition Expert. Your recovery, fully integrated. Whether you want to get back to the athletic field, workplace or simply your daily routine, our team of specialized therapists are passionate about helping you reach your goals.

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Happy Patients & Their TRUST

Thousands of happy patients are back to work routine with less pain & in less time. Their happiness is our Goal. Their blessings keeps us going.

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