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ACL Surgeon in Pune

A process that substitutes a torn ligament in your knee with a tendon graft is referred to as Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgery. If the ACL is torn, surgery may be required to reinstate knee function. ACL surgery can be a vital step in regaining knee firmness and function. Experiencing unsteadiness, discomfort, and a limited range of motion? It’s time to consult an ACL Surgeon in Pune.
In this blog, Dr. Aashish Arbat a reputed orthopedic doctor in Pune delve into what you can expect from ACL surgery from, the best knee replacement surgeon in Pune, practicing at Oyster and Pearl Hospital, Jehangir Hospital, Pune, and Poona Hospital.
If you’re seeking the support of a specialist for your ACL surgery, search for the best ACL surgeon in Pune. The expert would guide you with detailed information on the role of the ACL, need for ACL Surgery, ACL Surgery procedure, recovery and rehabilitation.


ACL Surgeon in Pune

The experience and expertise of the surgeon isof utmost importance when it comes to ACL surgery. Dr. Aashish Arbat, the best orthopedic surgeon in Pune, specializes in ACL surgeries. His assurance to patient care and the application of advanced surgical techniques confirm that you receive the best quality treatment. He focuses on providing personalized care and timely solutions to help you recover and get back to your active lifestyle.
Anything that puts excessive force on your knee can gash your ACL Let’s discuss some of the most common causes of ACL tears.

ACL Tears: Causes

  • Sports injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Falls
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries can be fairly challenging, but there are several treatment choices available. Let’s explore them:

ACL Treatment in Pune

The first step for any treatment is proper diagnosis. In case, of ACL treatment a physical examination is conducted by doctor to check for swelling, tenderness, and assess the functionality of your knee joint. Subsequently, he recommends imaging tests; X-rays to rule out bone fractures. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) gives comprehensive information about the ACL and other knee tissues. Ultrasound is a medical test that can visualize ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the knee.

First-Aid Care: R.I.C.E. model (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation):

  • Rest: General rest is essential for healing.
  • Ice: Apply ice gel packs to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Compression: Use an elastic bandage or compression wrap.
  • Elevation: Prop up your knee with pillows while lying down.
  • Rehabilitation:
  • Physical therapy helps lessen pain, reinstate range of motion, and reinforce muscles.
  • Bracing and crutches may be necessary to avoid weight-bearing on the knee.

Surgical Options: ACL Reconstruction:

  • Suggested by ACL surgeon if the injury disrupts everyday activities or if you’re an athlete.
  • Surgeons take away the spoiled ACL and substitute it with a tendon graft (usually from another part of your knee or a donor).
  • Post-surgery restoration is vital for repossession

For comprehensive ACL treatment tailored to your needs, book a consultation with Dr. Aashish Arbat, an esteemed Orthopedic Doctor specializing in knee care in Pune.

Do you have severe knee pain? Is it restricting your ability to carry out your daily functions? If yes, then you can benefit from robotic knee replacement in Pune.

Robotic Knee Replacement in Pune

Looking for robotic knee replacement in Pune? There are some notable options. Jehangir Hospital & Oyster & Pearl Hospital are some of the most esteemed names when it comes to choosing an advanced robotic knee replacement surgery hospital. located in the city of Pune. As you come to know that you need a surgery, the first thing that pops up in your mind is the expense.

ACL Surgery Cost in Pune

If you are looking to know about the ACL surgery cost in Pune, the average amount to be paid for ACL Surgery in Pune is nearly Rs. 77,000. Maximum charges for ACL Surgery in Pune could be Rs. 2,00,000. However, the rate often depends on the surgeon and hospital you choose.

Best ACL Surgery Hospital in Pune

In a modern city like Pune, there are some reputed hospitals for ACL surgery. Jehangir Hospital & Oyster & Pearl Hospital are known as the best ACL surgery hospitals in Pune. The hospitals are known because of their patient friendly approach and affordable treatment. As you visit best ACL surgery hospital in Pune, you get the best ACL Surgeon in India. When it comes to looking for the best ACL Surgeon in India; Dr. Aashish Arbat is the name to depend. He helps you live the life you love yet again. Jehangir Hospital & Oyster & Pearl Hospital aim to offer cutting edge technology & proficiency in ACL surgery to offer quality and reasonably priced healthcare to all sections of society. The repossession time after ACL injury surgery can differ depending on factors like the surgical procedure and the severity of the injury.

ACL Surgery Recovery Time

An ACL injury is a rupture or tear of the frontal cruciate ligament, one of the key ligaments in the knee. Worried about ACL Injury Recovery Time? Well, repossession from an ACL injury can take months. At times it may be more than 7 months before a person get back to normal activity again. It usually takes at least 9 months to get well after ACL reconstruction surgery. Weeks 1–2 instantly after surgery, you’ll likely have loads of inflammation and pain. During this time, it’s essential to rest, and sidestep any activity that results in pain or discomfort. Keep in mind, everyone is different. Don’t get pessimistic if things take longer than you had expected. Can an ACL tear heal on its own? Are there ACL injury therapies available? Read on to know.

ACL Injury Therapies

An ACL injury can be treated through several ACL injury therapies, depending on the sternness of the injury. There are some common therapies followed by any ACL Doctor in Pune. Always consult a healthcare professional to determine the most appropriate treatment for your specific situation. ACL tears are one of the most common knee injuries athletes’ experiences. While it can be enormously unsatisfying to miss months of practice, it is advised not to force yourself to use your knee if it’s injured. Extra pressure can make a lower grade ACL tear worse.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery in Pune

When you meet and convey your issues to Dr. Aashish Arbat the most applauded ACL reconstruction surgeon in Pune, you get the best result for sure. For the most effective ACL tear reconstruction surgery in Pune visit a top healthcare provider in Pune. Hospitals like Oyster & Pearl Hospital aims to deliver safe, effective and compassionate care to every patient. Dr. Aashish Arbat is the best Orthopedic Doctor in Pune.

ACL Reconstruction Technique

The surgeon drills bone tunnels into the tibia and the femur to place the ACL graft in a way that is as functionally correct as possible. As soon as the graft is positioned into the knee, it is held under tension and fixed in place with screws, buttons, etc. These devices are usually not detached after surgery. The surgeon subsequently closes the skin incisions and put on dressings over them. The professional may also put a post-operative brace on the patient’s knee. The patient will usually go home the same day as their surgery.,

Wrapping up

Looking to recover from an ACL Injury? Want to enjoy life to the fullest? For individuals in Pune in the hunt for a path to regain knee stability and restart an active lifestyle, Dr. Aashish Arbat an ACL Surgeon in Pune at Jehangir Hospital & Oyster & Pearl Hospital provides a reliable solution through advanced ACL surgery. Choose the best hospital for ACL surgery in India and enjoy a pain-free life. Don’t Lose Hope!


When is surgery suggested for an ACL tear?

A knee replacement surgeon generally suggests surgery to people with complete ACL tears or other injuries to the knee.

Does ACL injury always necessitate surgery?

No, ACL injuries do not always demand surgery. Surgical treatment is generally suggested for collective injuries (ACL tears that occur along with other injuries in the knee)1. Nevertheless, nonsurgical management of isolated ACL tears may be recommended in patients with partial tears and no instability. The surgeon would assess your condition and provide you with the information if surgery is necessary for you.

For expert consultation and personalized care for ACL surgery, consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Aashish Arbat, a distinguished Knee Replacement Surgeon in Pune

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