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When ACL Surgery is Necessary

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (aka ACL) is basically a critical ligament in the knee, facilitating joint stability.

Tearing or sparing this ligament is one of the most prone ways, knee gets injured.

When this ACL injury occurs, everyday tasks becomes highly difficult to manage. Even the act of walking get difficult.

This clearly indicates,

A healthy ACL is critical for normal movement of the knee joint.

Here below, know… symptoms of an injured ACL…


Symptoms of ACL Injury

  • Knee swelling
  • Redness and warmness around knee
  • Knee buckling
  • Difficulty in walking, exercising and running
  • Pain in and around knee
  • Popping noise at the time of injury


How Does ACL Injury Happens?

ACL injuries is most prone to the people… who are working out or are in certain kind of sport.

These injuries usually occurs when one pivot unexpectedly with knee locked. It is the action of taking a sudden knee turn, which is firmly locked in a place, resulting in a stretched or torn ligament. \

Causes Leading To ACL Injury Include:

  • Rapidly changing direction
  • Stopping suddenly
  • Landing incorrectly after a jump
  • Slowing down quickly while running
  • Collision, as in contact sports

Surprisingly, women are at higher risk for an ACL injury than men are.

Types of ACL Injuries

ACL injuries basically is of two types…

  1. Complete ACL injury
  2. Partial ACL injury

On one hand, where complete ACL injury do require instant surgery… partial ACL tear may get treated efficiently with the nonsurgical methods.

ACL tears or injuries are graded on the basis of severity and are called sprains…

A grade 1 ACL sprain occurs, when ACL get overstretched… but not torn.

Note: If knee is stable after having grade 1 injury… patient may not need surgery.


Grade 1 ACL tear recovery time

Grade 1 ACL tear usually takes 2-4 weeks to heal. This time is taken, when tears are treated with methods such as: bracing, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories for pain, and RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation).

A grade 2 ACL sprain is a partial tear. Having grade two sprain clearly means that the ligament is damaged… and the patient may experience certain sort of instability.

Partial or grade 2 ACL tears are actually the least common of the three types of ACL tears.

A grade 3 ACL sprain is a complete tear. It is extremely damaging to the knee and do always require surgery, and a long recovery period.

One suffering with a grade 3 ACL sprain, encounter severe pain and knee instability.

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When ACL Surgery is Necessary?

The advantage of having ACL surgery is that onto being implemented well… there would be less ongoing laxity… making the knee structurally more stable.

Nonetheless, this depends onto the surgeon’s skills who’s carrying out the procedure.

ACL Surgery is Necessary If…

  • Both the ACL and meniscus are torn
  • A possessive, targeted, individualized rehab programme is completed, but the knee continues to give way
  • The individual’s anatomical differences are in the way that the knee is less stable with an ACL injury
  • There is ongoing instability… giving way onto the straight line activities despite rehabv
  • The individual facing ACL issue regularly involves in playing sports… including cutting, pivoting, jumping… With these sports, there is higher risk of secondary injury is associated, in the case of being managed without surgery.

ACL Surgery Recovery Time

The ACL surgery recovery usually takes about nine months.

However, it may takes eight to 12 months or more, before athletes can get back to their respective sports.

ACL Tear Treatment Without Surgery

Reports state that,

Its not important for everyone to be suited for ACL surgery.

Moreover, there are cases… when people don’t want to go for surgery to repair their respective damaged ACL.

Well, the matter of fact is…

It’s the doctor who decides who can go for non-surgical treatment or who need to go for ACL surgery.

Non-surgical treatment is correct based on…

  • The type and extent of ACL injury
  • Damage to surrounding tissues
  • Age and lifestyle

Mostly, it’s the orthopedic surgeons, who guide patients in deciding on ACL injury treatment.

Doctors usually have discussion with patients on… the potential pros and cons of a non-surgical approach to the ACL injury.

Note: For minor ACL injury, protective braces and physical therapy for strengthening the muscles around knee is enough.


Doctor’s Suggested Ways To Treat ACL Tear Without Surgery

  • Prop the knee above the heart level.
  • Apply ice to the knee a few times a day
  • Compress the knee with a wrap or bandage
  • Reduce or give a pause to the knee activity for few weeks
  • Consume anti-inflammatory drugs, like: ibuprofen… in order to lessen swelling and speed up recovery.

Note: While knee braces do provide extra support, researchers haven’t found them preventing ACL injury or reinjury.


Long-Term Effects of ACL Tear Without Surgery

By years 7 to 11, patients without ACL reconstruction have been notified six times more likely to have cartilage degeneration in the shinbone. Moreover, five times more likely to have degeneration in the kneecap.

However, patients with surgical ACL reconstruction have been notified with a slower rate of osteoarthritis progression.

How Long Does an ACL Tear Take To Heal Without Surgery?

With the fact that each person is different,

As per stats,

One may heal from a partial ACL tear within 3 months… This goes especially for condition, when one undergo physical therapy to rebuild strength and knee functionality.

Nonetheless, depending onto the severity of the injury,

One may not ever fully recover and might be at the higher risk of reinjury, in the case of not getting surgery.

What is a Proximal ACL Tear?

The proximal part is actually the upper portion of the bone where it widens to help form the knee joint. When injury in this part of the knee occurs, it is known as proximal ACL tear.

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