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Looking for answer to question: Can Knee Replacement Cause Hip Pain…?? Go through the blog… and you will get answer to this question… along with other information associated with the same topic…

Can Knee Replacement Cause Hip Pain?


Knee replacement can cause hip pain. And it does so on huge extent.

Here’s how and why…

Knee replacement do require bone and cartilage removal… Thus it is sort of obvious that some pain will be felt after the surgery procedure… while healing.

Now since… the nerve in the hip and knee emerges from the same area… pain from knee replacement leads to hip pain.

Nonetheless, often this hip pain is sign of complications such as nerve damage or infection.

Read this blog further… to know in detail… about opposite hip pain after knee replacement… how much hip pain a person can expect after knee replacement, how to manage the pain and etc.

Hip and Back Pain After Total Knee Replacement – Detailed Info

Here in this stanza, we will be briefing… Why Hip Pain Happens After Knee Replacement?

As per experts,

The hip pain after knee replacement is a typical part of the recovery procedure.

As mentioned above…

The nerve in both the knee and hip joints emerges from the same area… so issues with the nerve in the knee can lead to pain or discomfort in the hip and vice versa.

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The Most Common Causes of the Hip Pain Are:

Hip Osteoarthritis

Often hip osteoarthritis leads to knee pain. Now when this happen, person may get knee replacement… nonetheless, what they actually need is hip replacement.

Nerve and Tissue Inflammation

Often nerve irritation and tissue inflammation during surgery lead to temporary numbness, knee pain or discomfort. This then further leads to hip pain.


After surgery, person usually go through biomechanical changes and walk or move distinctly. Now these subtle differences affect the hip, leading to pain or soreness.

Referred Pain

According to study,

People often considering pain coming from the hip as knee pain.

Now, doctors actually call this as referred pain.

People with referred pain receive unnecessary knee replacement surgery for problem… actually emerging from the hip. After surgery, it  might  be possible that they continue to  experience pain … including the hip pain.


This happen when person is suffering from both the knee  and hip osteoarthritis… and the knee pain masks the hip pain. Once knee osteoarthritis get fixed by the knee replacement, individual start noticing hip pain.

How To Relieve Hip Pain After Knee Replacement Surgery?

As mentioned above,

Hip pain after knee replacement surgery is a typical part of the recovery process… and go away on its own…

Nonetheless, it is really crucial to have realistic expectations for the recovery period.

Note: Mild to moderate pain is typical after this sort of surgery and should gradually improve with time.

Strategies to Relieve Hip Pain and Discomfort

Below find strategies on how to relieve back pain after knee surgery…

Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation

Rest is indubitably an important part of the recovery procedure. Without appropriate rest, healing will be longer and the risks for complications increases.

Moreover, applying ice… utilizing a compression dressing and knee elevating helps in relieve pain and swelling.

Pain Relievers

In such hip pain cases, usage of over-the-counter pain relievers can be fruitful. Pain relievers helps reducing swelling and pain including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, acetaminophen, and prescription opioids.


As per study,

Exercises help strengthen hip muscles … which get weakened over time… because of favoring one leg.

Other Medications

Doctors often recommend other medications, like muscle relaxers… to help with the recovery procedure.

Exercises For Hip Pain After Knee Replacement

  • Knee Lift
  • External Hip Rotation
  • Double Hip Rotation
  • Lower Back and Hip Stretch
  • Hip Flexion
  • Hip Abduction
  • Mini Squat
  • Heel-to-buttock Exercise
  • Hip Extension
  • Quadriceps Exercises
  • Short-Arc Quadriceps Exercises
  • Bridging
  • Chair Stand
  • Abdominal Exercise

Hip Bursitis After Total Knee Replacement

Hip Bursitis after total knee replacement is a common issue.

Buttock or hip has actually two major bursae that become inflamed or irritated. The most common area for hip bursitis to develop is situated by the greater trochanter, the bony point on the side of the hip bone.

When this becomes inflamed, patients are diagnosed with “trochanteric bursitis”.

Nonetheless, the other major bursa in the hip is located on the inside of the hip, by the groin. When this get inflamed, patients are diagnosed with “ischial bursitis”.

Often either of these hip bursitis get inflamed after total knee replacement.

However, they don’t cause joint pain.

But if you are feeling uncomfortable or any problem, it is advised to consult your orthopaedician.

So, here finally ends up all about… can knee replacement cause hip pain…  & how to relieve hip pain after knee replacement surgery or how to relieve back pain after knee surgery?

Now we will provide you with quick glance on topics associated with can knee replacement cause hip pain…

How Do You Fix A Loose Hip Replacement?

In order to fix a loose hip replacement… a procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

The procedure is like… after adequately sterilizing the surgical area… a small incision is made on the hip side and very meticulously all or some parts of the damaged or loosened original hip implant is removed.

Further then, it is replaced with a specialized revision implant. The incision is closed with suture or staples and is covered with sterile dressings.

SI Joint Pain After Knee Replacement

SI (sacroiliac) is a sharp, stabbing pain… radiating from hips and pelvis up to the lower back and down to the thighs.

This joint pain is a most common reported problem after knee replacement surgery.

Usually this problem causes difficulty with normal activities such as going downstairs, sitting in a chair, or getting out of a car.

How to Prevent this?

This you can do by staying limber and active… This actually help stave off joints pain. You will be able to slow down the progression of SI joint pain… via exercising and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Nonetheless, the best way to prevent SI joint pain after knee replacement is to maintain a lower weight within your respective comfort range.

Here ends up all about knee replacement and hip pain.

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