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Knee Resurfacing and Partial Knee Replacement

The blog is dedicated to topic: knee resurfacing and partial knee replacement. Moreover, also comprise information associated with the particular topic…!!


What is Knee Resurfacing?

Knee Resurfacing (aka partial knee replacement) is one of the best alternatives of total knee replacement surgery… The term is also referred to as… partial knee arthroplasty or uni-compartmental knee replacement.

The thing that makes knee surfacing different from total knee replacement is that in knee resurfacing, the healthy compartment of knee joints are retained and only the damaged surfaces are replaced.

According to experts,

Resurfacing is an option for those whose arthritic deterioration is limited to only one or two of the knee compartments.

Knee Resurfacing and Partial Knee Replacement – in Detail

In partial knee replacement, damage surface is reshaped… in case if the bone disease is limited to the medical compartment.

The repaired surface then is partially covered with a combination of metal and plastic bearings. It is later then resurfaced with a cobalt chrome implant, that do conforms to the anatomy of the knee.

The tibial component is then made of polyethylene and only do require minimal bone removal for implant securing.

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Knee Resurfacing vs Knee Replacement

A partial knee replacement or knee resurfacing is relatively much smaller than the total knee replacement implant. Moreover, the procedure not at all disturb the healthy tissue of knee.

In this process, the damaged knee part is targeted. It is further then isolated and resurfaced, without posing any harm to the healthy bone and tissue surrounding it.

The idea behind this technique is that… via retaining undamaged knee parts, joint will bend better and will function more naturally.

Knee Resurfacing Recovery Time

According to doctors,

An average knee resurfacing recovery time is 4 to  6 months… After this period of time, people start feeling normal after the surgery procedure. By this period, patient get stable on there feet. Moreover, he/she get able of walking longer and tackle varied form of exercises.

What is Knee Resurfacing Cost in India

The average knee resurfacing cost in India goes around Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 2.3 lakh.

Knee Resurfacing Reviews

Patients who have undergone knee resurfacing procedure have praised it a lot.

Knee resurfacing is actually highly popular these days… so topic of discussion also.

Many popular platform have a lot about this onto their respective page.

One such example: https://www.quora.com/search?q=knee%20resurfacing

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