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When & Why Opt for Robotic Knee Surgery

Having knee pain may be more than just an annoyance in one’s daily life. However, in the area of medical advances, a revolution has evolved in the shape of robotic knee surgery. 

Dr. Aashish Arbat is a pioneer in the field of Robotic Knee Replacement Doctor in Pune & his method offers patients a promising new option for alleviating their knee pain. But when & why opt for robotic knee surgery? Read on to learn more.


What is Robotic Knee Replacement?

Robotic knee surgery helps human surgeons accomplish their responsibilities more accurately, thus to comprehend the “when” & “why,” you need to understand the “what.”

Robotic Knee Replacement vs Traditional – Robotic knee replacement uses computer-assisted technology to provide real-time feedback to the surgeon, which improves the accuracy of the surgery. The traditional approach, on the other hand, relies only on the expertise of the surgeon, versus relying on robotic assistance. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Robotic Knee Replacement 


  • Provides customized solutions based on unique knee anatomy, using real-time imaging & established surgical protocols.
  • Improved Accuracy & reduces misalignment
  • Small incisions & reduce tissue injury
  • Faster recovery time because of Small incisions & less tissue damage
  • Improve longevity due to effective implant placement & insertion


  • More expensive because of high-tech equipment & software 
  • Limited to hospitals & clinics with the necessary robotic infrastructure
  • Mastering surgery requires specialized expertise (learning curve)

When & Why Opt For Robotic Knee Surgery?

Are there certain types of patients who are more likely to benefit from the advantages & disadvantages of robotic knee replacement? Computer-assisted robotic knee surgery uses real-time feedback & 3D imaging to help surgeons make precise adjustments during surgery. This technology is crucial in the following situations:

  • Timing: 

Is everyone (knee health issues) a candidate for robotic knee surgery? Patients with severe osteoarthritis & other bone health issues for whom conservative treatments have failed & those who need revision surgery as a result of implant failure or other complications are good candidates for robotic knee surgery.

  • Accuracy & customization:

Robotic surgery’s accuracy & computer-assisted planning allow for intricate planning based on a patient’s unique knee anatomy, resulting in optimal prosthetic component alignment & positioning, which can be crucial for implant longevity & post-surgical functionality.

  • Safety & less injury:

Real-time guidance from the robotic arm decreases the risk of complications resulting in minimising collateral tissue damage, & speeding up recovery times. Using real-time imaging & analytics, surgeons may make intelligent modifications to improve patient outcomes.


When & why opt for robotic knee surgery is an important consideration. Consult Dr. Aashish Arbat, an Orthopedic Doctor in Pune, for expert guidance on making the best decision. Because the benefits of robotic knee replacement surgery, such as better alignment, longer-lasting results, & joint mobility, depend heavily on the correct time & need of knee surgery.


What is the success rate of robotic knee replacement?

While individual outcomes may vary, research suggests that robotic systems have a higher success rate of accuracy & better long-term effects than conventional approaches.

What is the recovery time for robotic knee replacement?

Less tissue stress enables many patients to walk the day after surgery, although complete recovery may take weeks.

Is there less pain with robotic knee replacement?

Yes, less pain with robotic knee replacement due to minimized tissue damage & incisions reduce post-operative pain.

How much does robotic knee surgery cost?

Robotic-assisted TKA costs 10% higher than traditional TKA, & the extended surgery duration increases OR supply & manpower costs, outweighing the benefits of a shorter stay.

Dr. Aashish Arbat – The Best Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeon in Pune

Dr. Aashish Arbat, a renowned Orthopedic Doctor in Pune, is a Pioneer in the Field of Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy, and joint Conservation. He’s involved in the development of a new AI-enhanced surgical assistant called ROBO using HOLOLENS-2, which was developed in India.

Robotic knee surgery has swiftly gained popularity as a means of correcting knee issues because of its precision & adaptability to each particular patient’s needs. Some concerns are “When & why opt for robotic knee surgery?” or “Thinking about problems with robotic knee surgery?” or more. Consult with Dr. Aashish, the best Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeon in Pune, to learn how to overcome all concerns in detail. Make an appointment with the expert Dr. Aashish right now!