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AI in Robotic Surgery

Innovative technology has been a big part of healthcare’s progress to new heights. One of the most impressive new developments in recent years has been the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in robotic surgery.

AI is a transformative force in robotic surgery, ranging from optimizing preoperative planning to improving surgical precision. Traditional surgical procedures relied heavily on preoperative planning & imaging techniques to guide surgeons during operations, but smart glasses, AR, & AI have changed the surgical landscape.

Let’s look at the role of Artificial Intelligence and the future of surgical robotics, real-life examples (an AI surgery robot), & the innovative work of Dr. Aashish Arbat, a well-known Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon in Pune.


Role of AI in Robotic Surgery

The role of AI in robotic surgery includes the use of technologies like “Robo3wiz Roboalign Hololens 2” to enhance joint replacement surgeries. This technology combines smart glasses, artificial intelligence, & virtual reality to provide real-time visualization of anatomical structures during surgery.

AI in robotic surgery also allows surgeons to make precise bone cuts, ensure perfect implant alignment, & improve soft tissue balance. This results in reduced complications, faster recovery, & improved long-term patient functionality.

The future of AI in surgery holds great potential for enhancing surgical precision & efficiency, particularly through the use of AI in robotic surgery. This advancement represents a significant development in the field of surgery.

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AI in Robotic Surgery Examples

Examples of AI-enabled surgical robotics include the Da Vinci Surgical System, autonomous surgical robots, computer-assisted orthopedic surgery, & AI-guided robots in ophthalmology.

One top example of AI in robotic surgery is the “Robo3wiz Roboalign Hololens 2” technology introduced by Dr. Aashish Arbat, an Orthopedic Surgeon in Maharashtra. This technology combines smart glasses, artificial intelligence, & virtual reality to enhance joint replacement surgeries.

ROBOALIGN, a high-precision TKR surgical procedure, is an upgraded system that reduces the turnaround time to less than 24-48 hours & allows surgeons to arrange the procedure without the assistance of a business technician.

Dr. Arbat’s team integrates HoloLens 2 with the 3D platform to provide robotic vision during surgery. The ROBOALIGN-MR (Mixed Reality – Augmented & Virtual Reality) now incorporates mixed reality using Microsoft’s Hololens 2. This includes 3D models of the knee or hip anatomy of the patient, virtual incision guides, & lives data regarding implant placement. This real-time feedback provides surgeons with accurate, current information, making surgery more precise & adaptable. This leads to reduced complications, faster recovery, & improved long-term patient functionality. However, the partnership between Artificial Intelligence & surgical robotics is expected to lead to a more innovative & promising healthcare future.

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Dr. Aashish Arbat, a renowned Orthopedic Doctor in Pune, is a pioneer in joint replacement, arthroscopy, & joint conservation. He is involved in the development of the AI-enhanced surgical assistant, ROBO, using HOLOLENS-2, developed in India.

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The integration of AI role in robotic surgery is revolutionizing joint replacement procedures, improving precision & patient care. As technology advances… more innovative AI innovations in Robotic Surgery are expected, reshaping the healthcare landscape & paving the way for a better future.