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Exercises for Shoulder Problems

Shoulder pain, a common issue affecting 18-26% of adults, can become chronic if left untreated. Common causes include arthritis, impingement, instability, overuse, rotator cuff tendonitis, biceps tendonitis, bursitis, and frozen shoulder. Strengthening and mobility exercises can help reduce pain and improve joint flexibility. Researchers found that exercises and manual therapy were effective treatments for shoulder pain, depending on the type of injury or pain.

So let’s learn some physiotherapy exercises for shoulder pain.


Exercises for Shoulder Problems

If your shoulder pain persists, it’s recommended that you seek medical attention from Dr. Aashish Arbat, the best Orthopedic Doctor in Pune, as the exercise mentioned below or (any physiotherapy exercises for shoulder pain pdf) is not a medical substitute. 

Suffering from Shoulder Issues on Extreme Level…??

Some of the physiotherapy exercises for shoulder and arm pain include:

  • Shoulder posture check

Before beginning any form of exercise, make it a habit to examine your posture in the mirror by gently shifting your shoulders forward and back. This will help you relax your head and neck and slightly accentuate your chest.

  • Arm lifts

Put your hands behind your head and keep your arms as far back as possible and pointing out to the sides. Hold it for five seconds. Do every step five times.

  • Shoulder circle

Stand with one hand on a chair and the other arm hanging down. Try to swing it slowly back and forth in a circle. Try to execute this exercise at least twice or thrice a day, preferably five times.

  • Shoulder stretch

Pull your shoulder blades back and together, and hold for five seconds. Pull down on your shoulder blades and hold for 5 seconds. Then relax and do it 10 times.

  • Arm stretch

Stand with your arms loose at your sides. Then raise your arms as far as you can comfortably reach and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Lower and repeat five times.

  • Door press

Stand in a doorway with your elbow bent to a right angle and tucked close to your body. Push your arm out and press your wrist against the door frame. Hold for five seconds, then do 10 repetitions on one side and 10 repetitions on the other side with the other arm. Try to do two more sets, for a total of 30 repetitions with each arm, if you can.

  • Resistance band stretch

Hold a yellow or red resistance band in your hands with your fingers curled around it and facing inward. Maintain the same elbow posture at your sides, extend the band as far as you can go comfortably, and hold for 10 seconds.

  • Table slide 

Take a seat in an upright position, with your elbows bent and your hands resting on a flattened cloth on the table in front of you. Slide both hands as far as you can comfortably reach, straighten your arms, and let your head slowly drop forward. Hold for five seconds.

  • Neck release exercise

Tilt the chin toward the chest, leaning the head toward the left, and lifting the chin toward the ceiling.

  • Arm across the chest exercises

Position the right hand in front of the body, reach the left hand behind the elbow, draw the right arm left and across the chest, and drop the arm till the pain subsides. 

  • Pendulum exercises 

To strengthen the damaged arm, draw circles in the air while leaning over a table or chair and repeat this exercise five to ten times a day. 

Dr. Aashish Arbat – The Best Orthopedic Doctor in Pune

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If you suffer from shoulder pain or seeking exercises for shoulder problems, consult with Dr. Aashish Arbat. He will test your range of motion and strength using a goniometer and provide stretches and exercises to reduce inflammation and pain.

To Get Rid of Shoulder Problems Permanently


Shoulder pain, whether from an injury, overuse, or a condition like arthritis, can be difficult to live with. However, with the right exercises, you can alleviate your pain, build muscle, and increase your range of motion. 


What shoulder pain exercises to avoid?

To alleviate shoulder pain, avoid overhead activities, heavy lifting, and high-intensity workouts. Consult a physiotherapist or Dr. Aashish Arbat for proper guidance on physiotherapy exercises for shoulder problems.

Can I do basic shoulder strengthening exercises at home?

Basic shoulder strengthening exercises can alleviate shoulder problems and pain, but start slowly and gradually build up if new to exercise.

What is the best way to gain quick relief from shoulder pain?

Gentle stretching (exercises for shoulder problems) and heat or cold therapy can provide quick relief from shoulder pain by relaxing tight muscles and reducing inflammation.

What shoulder pain exercises at home are accessible to me?

Several simple stretches, such as the doorway stretch and shoulder circle, are possibly practiced at home to help relieve shoulder pain and increase range of motion.

Which NHS-recommended shoulder exercises help reduce pain?

The NHS (shoulder pain exercises nhs) recommends shoulder pain exercises like gentle stretches and strengthening exercises. NHS also recommends consulting Orthopedic expert Dr. Aashish Arbat, a Knee Replacement Doctor in Maharashtra, or a physiotherapist for personalized advice on safety and suitability for your specific condition.

When performing exercises for shoulder problems, what precautions should I take?

Exercise only when the pain subsides, stop when you feel satisfied, and maintain proper posture to prevent worsening the injury.