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Are you considering knee surgery to reduce pain? Here are the benefits of total knee replacement that you can expect.

People suffering from knee problems must try several non-surgical treatment options to reduce knee pain, such as massage, medication, and more.

But the sad part is that they don’t work or offer a permanent solution. Also, the pain increases with time and affects the quality of life.

Furthermore, it makes your life uncomfortable and stops you from doing regular (necessary) activities like walking, climbing stairs, and more.

So, if you’re the one, knee replacement surgery is the best solution to eliminate knee pain and get back to normal life.

However, most patients worry about whether the surgery works and what they can expect after it.

To make them clear, here we discuss the top benefits of total knee replacement surgery that they can expect.

But before that, let’s see if you’re the ideal candidate for the surgery!


Ideal Candidate for Total Knee Replacement

If you’re an ideal candidate for knee replacement surgery, you may notice these symptoms or suffer from these problems, including:

Knee Arthritis: It can be described as an inflammation of one or more joints. One of the most common forms of arthritis is osteoarthritis.

Lower Range of Motion: You’ll feel difficulty while using your knees, especially while bending.

Severe, Chronic Pain: If your pain doesn’t reduce with time and medications, you need knee replacement surgery.

Swelling: You’ll notice swelling around the affected knee joint.

Joint Stiffness: In this condition, your joint becomes tight. It commonly occurs in people who involve in extensive physical activity.

Loss of Function: If your knees don’t function properly while performing any task, you need knee surgery.

Cartilage Damage: The cartilage that covers the end part of the thigh and shin bones gets damaged.

Thus, these are the common reasons for considering knee replacement surgery.

What is the Best Age to Have a Knee Replacement Surgery?

Age doesn’t matter to have a knee replacement surgery if you notice the symptoms that we’ve mentioned above.

For instance, you must consult a doctor if you feel difficulties while performing regular tasks like walking, sitting, running, and all.

If the doctor finds your condition mild to moderate, he/she may suggest some knee replacement alternative.

However, if you want a number (particular age), the best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Pune states that people over 50 years often consider knee replacement surgery.

That’s because people over 50 years are at higher risk of causing joint disease, especially knee arthritis.

Now, if you think you’re an ideal candidate for total knee replacement surgery, you should first consult a doctor.

Moreover, if the doctor advises you to go for the surgery, below are the benefits of total knee replacement that you can expect.

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Benefits of Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Assuming that you’ve consulted a doctor, go through a proper diagnosis, and are ready for total knee replacement surgery.

Note: In this surgery, the surgeon removes the affected part of the knee and replaces it with metal and plastic implants.

Now, have a look at the major benefits of total knee replacement (regardless of age):

#1. Pain Relief

Pain relief is the biggest concern for people who consider total knee replacement surgery.

To clarify, you must know that patients have felt a joint pain reduction after knee replacement surgery.

As it is a minimally invasive surgery (MIS), you also need not worry about postoperative pain.

Note: MIS is a surgical procedure in which surgeons make a very small incision to reduce knee pain.

Moreover, MIS is one of the most successful surgical procedures, with over 90% – 95% success rate.

#2. Improved Mobility, Stability, and Range of Motion

One of the most important and biggest benefits of total knee replacement is that it improves mobility, stability, and range of motion of the joint.

After conducting research on several men and women states that total knee replacement has helped them to recapture their independence to perform any task.

So, if you are feeling difficulties while doing things, such as standing, walking, climbing stairs, and more, you must consider surgical treatment.

#3. Faster Recovery

As we’ve already discussed, total knee replacement is a type of MIS procedure in which the doctor makes a very small incision to treat the problem.

Due to the minimal incision, it shows faster recovery in comparison to the traditional method.

Studies state that the recovery time of total knee replacement is up to 3 months (for complete recovery).

Moreover, according to the best Orthopedic Doctor in Maharashtra, patients can perform their regular tasks within 6 weeks (45 days) of surgery.

Note: Always remember not to push your limits or involve in high-impact activities before getting a green signal of complete recovery from the doctor.

Hence, these are the top benefits of total knee replacement that anyone can expect after the surgery.


Total knee replacement can be the fruits of all your prayer regarding pain relief in the knee joint.

It is one of the most effective surgeries that help to improve mobility, stability, and overall function of the knees.

Furthermore, many people with arthritis get relief from the inflammation, pain, and swelling after the surgery.

So, if you’re suffering from severe, chronic knee pain, you must consult the best Joint Replacement Doctor in Maharashtra for proper diagnosis and treatment.